5 Ways To Proactively Manage Your Restaurant’s Online Reputation In Thailand

As Thai cuisine has become popular with tourists and expats; it is important for your restaurant to stand out different from your nearby competitors. Taking your restaurant online is a big step in making that possible. It shows that you are staking your claim in the internet world and letting the online community know about you. It is however more complex than just establishing a digital market; you need to constantly supervise your restaurant’s online reputation to be sure people perceive your business exactly the way you portray it.

Let’s see some good example on how to proactively manage your restaurant’s online reputation in Thailand suggested by SEO Heroes Bangkok an experienced local digital agency Bangkok based.

1. Establish Your Restaurant Name Across All Social Media Platforms and Domain Name

It is imperative for you to set up your restaurant name on all social media platforms and domain name. This allows customers and prospective customers to find you, when they search for your social media handles or your domain name. You can opt for a closely similar domain name for cases where your domain name is not available. You should ensure that your social media handles are identical on the various platforms. It helps you create a trustworthy brand. Building an active account on social media platforms is a great way to connect personally with your customers while also creating the potential to connect with new ones.

2. Get On and Stay Active On Social Media

As highlighted above, having a social media presence is important for managing your online reputation. As your online profile becomes active, you need to be consistent with them. Though this doesn’t mean you need to post multiple times a day; you can post at least once a day or a couple times a week; but be sure the post is interactive enough in order to engage your followers and to keep your accounts fresh and active. Consider trying a social media contest where the winner could get a free meal at your restaurant.

3. Interesting and Engaging Social Media Post

It’s not enough to create a social media page; you need to update them with contents that are interesting enough spark conversation with your customers. In case you are uncertain of what to post; you can consider providing your audience with helpful how-to guides, or start a social media contest; where winners get to enjoy a free meal at your restaurant. Unique and interesting content engages your audiences and customers, which gives your online presence a more friendly and interactive feel look. It also makes your restaurant look professional, and therefore increases your credibility and builds on your positive online reputation.

4. SEO and Local Search Listings

Search Engine Optimization is a crucial and strategic marketing method that could really benefit your restaurant. Just like your unique domain name and social media handles, claiming and verifying a local search listing for your restaurant is another way of proactive online reputation management. To differentiate yourself from competitors, make sure your keywords include important recent contact and business information; such as hours of operation and location. This is essential to building an authentic online reputation. A well established search engine listing provides your restaurant an opportunity to meet with the right audience, and present them with the best impressions as at when they search for restaurants like yours.

5. Monitoring and Responding To Online Reviews

In every business, customer feedback and opinions are very crucial in development. Be it a star-studded review or a less than average ratings; monitoring comments and reviews made online about your restaurant is a necessary strategy. Customers may post reviews on your website or social media page; sometimes even on third-party review sites such as Yelp, Open Table, etc. In responding to positive reviews, you provide an excellent customer service, which further improves the sentiment and opinions about your brand. Also, responding to negative reviews shows your customers that you are open to feedback and want to work with them to find a solution. With on-time responses, you can increase your restaurant’s online reputation and perhaps invert a negative review into a positive experience.

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