A Garden for Everyone!

It’s not always easy getting into gardening, particularly for people residing in cities. Especially for those passionate gardeners, access to garden space can be difficult. But now, YardYum, the “Airbnb of Gardening”, is a new, online collaborative platform that helps make it possible for anyone to get into gardening.

What you need to know about YardYum

This is a new platform which allows you to rent garden plots. It lets landowners (anybody from a local homeowner, business, church, school, or farmer) having available space which may be utilized for a garden, to rent the space to a gardener who lacks their own space. An example is a person who lives in an apartment who really wants to garden, but clearly, lacks the room. Even when you live in an apartment, with YardYum, you may be able to find some space nearby to do your gardening.

Just think of all those unused or underutilized yards found in metropolitan areas around the world. With YardYum, this space is going to be utilized for something quite productive: gardening.

There are many advantages to this model. First, it’s ideal for the environment and also for people’s health. It also brings together communities, and helps neighbors meet each other and in the process establish and build relationships. YardYum’s platform also helps in reducing climate change through encouraging the eating of more locally-grown food.

Therefore, if you’re a landowner and you have some extra space to spare or one you’re not using for any productive work, or you’re a wannabe gardener who lacks your own space for gardening, then do not hesitate to check out YardYum!

Gardening and Health

Perhaps by now, you’re aware that gardening is beneficial for your health. But let me take a second to explain. An increasing number of studies show that gardening may help in reducing stress, improving mental health, and is a good source of exercise. It may also keep dementia at bay.

There is also the nutrition aspect, of course. Through growing your own organic herbs, vegetables, and fruits, and sharing these with friends and family, you’re promoting the consumption of more nutritious and delicious food, as compared to those unhealthy store-bought foods which many of us consume on regular basis.

It’s a fact that more fruits and vegetables you include in your diet are responsible for lowering your blood pressure, reducing your chances of getting cancer, and lowering your risk of stroke and heart disease. Also, it’ll be less likely that you’ll get diabetes, and your vision may even improve.

There are tons of people who desire to grow their own fruits and vegetables. However, they’re unable to fulfill this dream because of a lack of resources. A proper space for the cultivation of fruits and vegetables is needed for gardening purposes. You certainly also require a lot of free time, and investments in tools, seeds, water, etc.

When you have money and spare time, but your only problem is land, then YardYum is going to solve your problem. With YardYum, anybody passionate about gardening is able to grow a garden.


  1. Andreas Holzhover

    Thanks for the tip on YardYum. With 34 I was burned out, after that I started with gardening to reduce stress and to do something good for my health. For the past 2 years I have my own urban garden, growing my own organic fruits and veggies.

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