Four Unexpected Places To Make New Friends In Bangkok

With its intense humidity, pleasure-seeking nightclubs, and hustle bustle taxiing of tuk-tuks, Bangkok is exhilarating. So many solo travelers visit this city every year but most of the times they get a new friend circle. Most of the people think it is quite easy to make friends in Bangkok because it has so many tourists spots to make friends. People seek pleasure from one place to another and tour the city together.

 JJ Green Night Market

JJ Green Night Market is the largest market in Asia with over 15000 shops and stalls. Most of the people consider it as a perfect place to meet locals and make friends. So many local people visit that place. Foreigners are willing to find such people who can guide them to the best places of the city. JJ Green Night Market receives many alien people too. Most of the foreigners fall under the spell of nature and behavior of local people.


Apoteka is a gastropub at Sukhumvit in Bangkok. Apoteka is a flamboyant pub that attracts the people towards its delicious meals, local and exotic beverages, and live bands. Apoteka is also considered as one of the best places to make friends. Most of the people find their partners for a short time and sometimes even for a long time here. The ambiance of the Apoteka is always bustling with live friendly gigs from local and national bands seven days a week. To enjoy the best music, many solo tourists visit this place and find their friends unexpectedly.

Coco Walk

Coco walk is in the center of Bangkok, there is no denying that the loveable Coco Walk is a great place to do some Thai-style bar hopping. The covered walkway has around a dozen bars and restaurants, each offering its own unique flavor. Check in the quirky Skate Café, which, true to its name, has a small skate ramp as well as some funky seats made out of old skateboards. Coco walk is a very charming place where people stay for a short period of time and take fine memories away with themselves after mingling up with other happy-minded people.

Nung Len Club

Probably the most Thai-style club in central Bangkok is Nung-Len, situated on the corner on Thonglor Soi 10 Ekkamai Road. The large one-floor venue gets absolutely overcrowded at the weekends and pretty full on the weeknights too, making this one of the most popular clubs in Bangkok, especially with the dressed-up Thonglor crowd. Many foreigners share their experience at this beautiful club of getting a gorgeous and talented partner.

Ultimately, Bangkok is the best tourist destination to meet new friends. Apart from bars, pubs, restaurants, there are so many other tourists spots to see be mingled with Thais.

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